Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Take on Training with Power and Pace as it were blending Old School with New School

As put to word by Phil Skiba.


I believe the greatest application of modeling is in a synthesis of the old and new school. Again, it isn't about replacing all that has come before. It is about looking at what came before, taking the best of it, and then adding some of the new. A good coach needs to do more than analyze data...they need to be able to motivate the athlete, communicate with the athlete, be able to write workouts that both stimulate physiologic adaptation but are "interesting" enough such that the athlete will do them, etc.

1) Use of technological tools is not a replacement for knowledge of physiology and coaching "talent", but can be very useful to help coaches avoid silly mistakes.
2) Use of technological tools requires an understanding of the risks, benefits, and limitations of the system.
3) Used properly, technological tools can be of significant help in gaining insight into the inner workings of the athlete and how they respond to training.

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IronBarista said...

Hey Mark

Do you have a recommended testing protocol using a PT for determining Functional Threshold or CP60?